Magna is a global real estate developer and asset manager – we cover all the aspects required to create a profitable real estate environment, for all parties. We look after the complete project life cycle, from acquisition, planning, design and construction, to sale, rental and profit investment.

We’ve successfully built our portfolio and excellent track record by working with a diverse and experienced range of investors. From high net worth individuals, to large retail investors and historic family offices – we’ve made fantastic returns for a range of clients.

We work with repeat investments and are always looking to work with new faces.

As an investor, you receive access to your own custom investor dashboard. Under our transparency ethos, you’ll always be able to track your potential earning, dividends and monthly account statement. We use bank level security processes for our investor protection; all information is encrypted and carefully stored in our secure data centres.

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We are proud to be award winners, and are Highly Commended by First Time Buyer Magazine for Private Developer of the Year and for Best Small Development during the last two years.

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There are four different methods by which an investment can be made in Magna Group's property development success

Magna Loan Notes (MLN)

Asset-backed loan notes are one of the most attractive options for gaining quick and easy access to the property sector. These types of investments present an efficient method for investors to generate significant returns from development projects.

As an investment management firm, we assist individuals in providing their capital in the form of a legally binding loan to a property development company. In return, a stated rate of interest is returned over a stated period of time. At the end of the term, the investor’s original capital is returned in full.

Magna Loan Notes offer high fixed returns with the security of traditional bricks and mortar, with none of the downsides of direct property ownership. Magna typically offers a number of loan note opportunities at any particular time, with both growth and regular income options and a variety of terms available.

The minimum investment is £10,000.

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Magna Private Capital (MPC)

Magna Private Capital is designed for those who are seeking equity participation in Magna’s operations. An investor’s funds are syndicated with those of other equity investors and ring-fenced within a fund that is legally constituted to undertake a number of predetermined developments.

Investors enjoy a fixed rate of return, or ‘coupon’, plus an equity ‘upside’ or profit share. These returns are directly correlated to the financial success of the various development initiatives within the segregated fund.

The minimum investment is £100,000.

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Magna Development Management Consultancy (MDMC)

For those with substantial assets, who are seeking full equity participation, we offer our development management consultancy services.

Specific development opportunities are identified by our acquisition team, tailored to the specific needs of individual investors. These opportunities are fully funded by the investor, but are wholly managed by Magna’s specialist turn-key service. We handle the entire process for you, from acquisition, through planning, to construction, marketing and ultimately sales.

The investor therefore enjoys a full ‘upside’ return on the venture, with Magna simply charging a fee for its consultancy services.

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Magna Off-Plan Sales (MOPS)

Many investors simply wish to invest in the end product of Magna’s activities, such as our completed properties and developments.

At any point in time, we are likely to have several hundred units available for pre-completion – or ‘off-plan’ – purchase in various locations, within the UK and across the globe.

Competitive pricing is available for a pre-completion commitment to purchase, together with attractive discounts for the purchase of multiple units.

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